Welcome to Express Preview

During open enrollment, Central Michigan University is again offering three different prescription drug plans from Express Scripts.

Using the Express Preview web site, you can compare each plan -- including your costs for specific medications -- and decide which one best meets your needs. Please note: your total costs shown on this site do not include the employee contribution amount for each plan.

To view the prescription drug plans and calculate an estimate of your out-of-pocket costs for the year, click Next.

Completion Time: 10-15 minutes

Note: The drug costs provided by this website are estimates only. Drug coverage details are forecasted based on the design of each benefit plan. Actual coverage may depend on factors that cannot be accounted for by this website.

New to Express Scripts?
If you're just now becoming an Express Scripts member, you'll find many other helpful features on our website when your new coverage begins. Learn more on the Take Next Steps page at the end of this site.